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Tips for Real Estate Professionals Working in Wolf Laurel

Welcome to our community!  We recognize selling property in a gated community may be less spontaneous than showing a property in town, and we want to make your listings and sales in Wolf Laurel go smoothly.  Wolf Laurel is experiencing unprecedented demand by those buyers eager to own their own Western North Carolina dream home.  While home inventory remains extremely limited, there are many excellent building lots available of all elevations, all exposures & views, and varying distances from amenities & recreational attractions.  Now is the ideal time for buyers wishing to build a custom home or builders wishing to create new home inventory for sale, as Wolf Laurel lot prices remain competitive.

Here are a few key points to bear in mind when selling property in Wolf Laurel:

  1. WLRMS is the HOA for Wolf Laurel Subdivision and holds a right of refusal on each sale. As soon as a sale moves to contract, please complete the Notice of Resale form found at this link: Notice of Resale Form to commence the thirty (30) day review process.  This important step permits us to provide information necessary for your closing to proceed smoothly, including the amount of current annual assessments and any obligations of the seller to be satisfied at closing.
  2. Wolf Laurel offers a wide variety of optional amenities and recreational attractions.  Owners may tailor their Wolf Laurel experience to suit their individual interests, pursing golf, tennis, pickleball, skiing, equestrian sports, or a wide variety of organized programs, events, and socials.  Annual assessments paid to the HOA support the infrastructure of the community and do not include access amenities which require a membership or charge for use.
  3. For Sale signs and realty signs are not permitted.  Signs placed on properties will be collected by WLRMS security and may be picked up at our business office.
  4. If you would like to photograph a listing by drone, please complete the request for Commercial Use of Drone Application available as an e-form via this link:  Drone Application or at the WLRMS business office.
  5. To enter through our security gate, you will need to present your real estate license.  Don’t forget to bring your license! Also please have your seller notify the gate that you may be a regular visitor during the term of your listing agreement.
  6. Please acquaint yourself with Wolf Laurel by taking advantage of a community tour highlighting the most popular optional amenities available to owners.   Wolf Laurel has 60 miles of private roads which may not be accurately represented on your particular GPS service.  A visitor map of the community may be downloaded from the Location Community Map tab, or scan the QR Code with your mobile device, or a print version picked up at our business office.
  7. Please meet your prospective buyer at the gate and accompany your buyer for their entire visit until they exit the gate at the end of the visit. Unaccompanied prospective buyers will not be permitted through the gate in hopes of finding a listing, but visitors may participate in a community tour.
  8. Encourage your prospective buyer to contact the WLRMS website and business office for more information about the community, our land use policies, and architectural review process.  WLRMS employs an ARB Administrator to assist owners in navigating the building and remodeling process.
     9. Buyers should familiarize themselves with these important documents as a part of their decision process: Wolf              Laurel  Covenants, HOA  Bylaws, HOA policy on Lot Combination Policy, and for those interested in building Wolf          Laurel's  Architectural Guidelines, and of other interest our Exceptions to Drone Prohibitions in Wolf Laurel.

Most of all thank you for supporting our community by introducing future owners to Wolf Laurel!