What is MGCOne?

MGCOne – Designed to Redefine Community Living and Management Experience

My Green Condo Inc.'s, "MGCOne" is a unique and holistic one-stop application that provides a dedicated management platform for communities and secure portals for all participating membership, whether they be Residents (Owners & Tenants), Board Members, Committee Members, Community Managers, Accountants, Maintenance Staff, Security/Front Desk/Concierge, Auditors, Attorneys, Vendors and Management Companies.

MGCOne is designed to bring all required parties together to collaborate and manage the day-to-day operations of an association while ensuring continuity of operations. The platform offers numerous and exceptional features/functionality that not only helps to automate the manual processes associated with community management, but also helps achieve substantial cost savings while promoting a greener environment.

MGCOne Platform


Marketing Firm


Board Member



Management Company

Community Manager


Security/Front Desk

Maintenance Staff


Our Partners

My Green Condo Inc. has partnered with industry leading accounting software companies and other service providers to create a well-integrated MGCOne platform that streamlines day-to-day community operations and elevating it to next generation automated servicing and operations!